I am studying to be a game designer specialising in UX. I'm interested in games that take players on a different experience. I'm dedicated to completing tasks and working with others to complete goals. I'm is someone to count on for getting work done.


I have work on many games where my role and responsibilities have changed. I have experience as a Lead Designer, Story Writer, UX/UI Designer, Level Designer and Narrative Designer. In every role, I was able to deliver amazing results. 


I'm currently a university student at SAE QUNTM studying a Bachelor of Game Design. In my spare time, I volunteer as a Retail Assistant at SAVE THE CHILDREN OP Shop.


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Games that I have designed and collaborated on

Flew and Flog
Role: Project Lead, Game Designer, Programmer
Time: 6.5 Months

Flew and Flog is an animated 2D coop couch puzzle game.
Castle Lover
Role: Project Lead, Programmer, UX Designer

Castle lover is a mobile game about running multiply kingdom and see how many successful ones you can make. You must raise the stats to start a new kingdom. The way to increase these stats is by listening to your citizen. Other ways is by event that happens which can increase a stat or decrease one. You can also lose stats at night where your castle is attack by enemies of the night.
Pinata SIm
Pinata simulator is a vr game about whacking some pinatas.

Roles: Lead Designer
Time: 5 Weeks
What Keeps the Fire Alive
What Keeps The Fire Alive is a story based experience set in the frozen post apocalyptic landscape of Australia.
Follow a parent and their child as they seek shelter in a post global cooling Australia. Relive their story as the parent teaches the child to fend for themselves and live on their own.

Roles: Level Designer, Narrative Designer
Time: 6 Weeks
This game is inspire by the art piece "Flow" by Souliya Phoumivong. The art piece is an animation about how the internet is making everybody the same and you will also lose yourself in the masses.

The game is about you, as a cow, dressing up other cows and watching them upload pictures of themselves to "Moostagram".

Roles: Project Lead
Time: 1 Week
Lakunoc is designed to be used 10 mins before bed. It is a relaxing game where the music and environment are to encourage peace of mind. You play the game by clicking on different objects and watch them do different and strange things. At the end of the game, there is a breathing scene where you just breathe and look at the environment.

Roles: Level Designer
Time: 4 Weeks
Friendly Communication
Friendly Communication is based on a personal story from my experience in high school. This game enters into a life where your friend has slowly stopped communicating with you and you having no understanding of why. All the communication in this game is done with emojis and it's your job to understand what the conversation means.

Roles: Project Lead
Time: 2 Weeks
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Email: brynjenkins3@gmail.com

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